old instruments


Crumar Baby Grand

Elka Rhapsody

Davoli Synt

Korg CX3

Siel Orchestra 2

Elka MK55

Farfisa Syntorchestra

Yamaha MO6

Behringer MX49

Yamaha MM6

Mini Gem

Korg M3R (expander)

guitars an
d basses

Yamaha FG335

Gibson SG


ampli, mixers and effects

H&H Stereo 12

GRS G100

Echopet Ep100 (analog delay)

M3 Minimax (mixer+tape echo+power)

Boss DD3

Small Stone (phaser)

Cry Baby (wha)

Vox (volume pedal)

Pearl CM3000

Steelphon (fuzz)

Softwares and drum machines

C-Lab Super Track (sequencer)

Commodore 64

EMU Drumulator