La musica classica ha sempre accompagnato la mia vita e, da quando ho iniziato a suonare qualcosa, ho sempre sognato di arrangiarla a modo mio. In questo album ho cercato di mantenere lo spirito dei brani, anche se in alcuni casi ci sono state delle trasformazioni pesanti (cambi di tempo, cambi di tonalità, tagli, inserimenti, sostituzione degli strumenti, variazioni dinamiche e di ritmo). Ad ogni modo il mio rispetto ed amore per questi artisti sarà sempre grande, ricordando a tutti che la musica che interpretiamo oggi è dovuta in gran parte a loro. Dedico questo lavoro a mio padre ed a mia nonna per avermi fatto conoscere ed amare tra gli altri Chopin, Tchaikowsky e Beethoven. Sono sicuro che l'avrebbero apprezzato.

Classical music has always accompanied my life and, since I started playing something, I’ve always dreamed to arrange it in my own way. In this album I tried to keep the spirit of the songs, even if in some cases there were some heavy transformations (time changes, tone changes, cuts, insertions, substitution of instruments, dynamics and rhitm variations). However, my respect and love for these artists will always be great, reminding to everyone that the music we execute today is largely due to them. I dedicate this work to my father and to my grandmother for letting me know and love among the others Chopin, Tchaikowsky and Beethoven. I'm sure they would have appreciated it.

01 Autumn (2017...) by Antonio Vivaldi
From "Le quattro stagioni - Autunno" (I dormienti ubriachi)
el. bass, electric guitar (2), keyboards (harpsichord, piano, oboe, strings, organ, synth bass, drums)

02 Bolero (2017...) by Maurice Ravel
el. bass, electric guitar, keyboards (piccolo, flute, horn, trombone, piano, strings, tuba, organ, synth, drums, percussions)

03 Concerto for Orchestra (2017...) by Béla Bartók
keyboards (organ, synth (14), el. piano, percussions)

04 I Remember (1978...1991...2017...) by habelard2
classical guitar, el. bass, keyboards (harpsichord, oboe, flute, choir, viola, brass, harp, synth bass, drums)
> This is a love song, dedicated to my wife.

05 Moonlight sonata (2017...) by Ludwig Van Beethoven
el. bass, el. guitar, keyboards (piano, el. piano, harpsichord, organ, strings, cello, drums)

06 Night on Bald Mountain (2017...) by Modest Mussorgsky
el. bass, el. guitar, keyboards (organ(2), piano, synth(2), synth brass(2), synth bass, bells, timpani, drums)  

07 Prelude in E minor (2017...) by Frédérick Chopin
el. bass, keyboards (wurlitzer, vibes, strings, oboe, drums)

08 Ornaud '77 (1979...1994...2018) by habelard2
el. bass, classical & el. guitar (2), keyboards (choir, strings, drums)
> Also this track is dedicated to my wife.

09 Shéhérazade (2017...) by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
el. bass, keyboards (piano, strings, cello, synth strings, organ(2), brass, synth(2), drums)

10 Symphony in D (2017...) by Tomaso Albinoni
el. bass, keyboards (organ(2), harpsichord, strings, drums)

11 Gymnopedie (2018) by Erik Satie
el. bass, el. guitar (2), keyboards (piano, el. piano, strings,
mellotron, synth bass, drums)

12 Dance of the Mirlitons (2018) by Pjotr Ilic Tchaikowsky
From “The Nutcracker Suite”
el. bass, keyboards (synth(12), drums)

13 Sleepers, Awake (2017...) by Johann Sebastian Bach
el. bass, keyboards (organ(2), flute, mellotron, strings, piano, harpsichord, drums)

14 Reverie (2018) by Claude Debussy
el. bass, keyboards (piano, organ, harp, vibes, strings, flute, oboe, drums)

15 The Black Swan (2017...) by Pjotr Ilic Tchaikowsky
From "The Swan Lake"
el. bass, el. guitar(2), keyboards (organ(2), flute, viola, piano, trumpet, trombone, drums)

16 See You Later (2016...2018) by habelard2
el. bass, keyboards (organ, wurlitzer, el.piano, mellotron, synth, drums)

All songs, art & graphics, editing, mixing & mastering, arrangements and playing
by Sergio Caleca.
Recorded in 2018 in Milan, Italy.

Keyboards, el. bass, classical and electric guitar.
Drums performed by keyboards through sequencer.